Ivanka Loumbeva, Attorney at law (lawyer)

ul. "Ivan Vazov", 8.
Pazardzhik, 4400
Bulgaria Ver mapa
+359 895 418 727

            Attorney Ivanka Loumbeva offers legal protection and assistance to both local and foreign individuals and firms (companies, cooperatives, associaotions, foundations etc.) throughout the whole territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. She is a longtime specialist in the field of civil, administrative, criminal and administrative penalty law. She is also a certified mediator registered in the Unified Register of Mediators at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria. Attorney Loumbeva works with a team of competent and knowledgeable specialists.

           We offer the following services:

            - Consultation, legal representation and protection of individuals and firms (companies, cooperatives, associaotions, foundations etc.) before all Bulgarian courts and arbitrations in the field of civil, administrative, criminal and administrative penalty law.

            - Complex (subscription) legal service of commercial companies, non-profit legal entities and others.

            - Drawing up contracts, notary deeds, requests, complaints, invitations and any other documents.
            - Establishment and registration of all types of companies, cooperatives, associations, foundations, sports clubs, etc.

            - Legal protection and assistance in concluding different types of contracts, including participation in negotiations, offering various options for settling legal relationships, drawing up the contracts themselves, assisting with their translation, legalization and certification, if necessary.
            - Consultation and participation in negotiations and forums, including out-of-court settlement of the dispute at the customer's request.

           The main areas of our specialization are:

           - disputes under different types of contracts;
           - Disputes over:
             (a) ownership,
             (b) inheritance;
           - family law cases;
           - cases under the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence;
           - cases in the field of:
             (a) labor law,
             (b) tax law,
             (c) commercial law,
             (d) contract law,
             (e) administrative law,
             (f) administrative penalty law,
             (g) criminal law;
          - executive process

          Our values and attitude are:

            1. Trust and integrity;
            2. Respect;
            3. Competence and depth;
            4. Speed and efficiency;
            5. Confidentiality;
            6. Individual approach


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