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DecoAsencio is a company founded by Manuel Asencio Nuñez, specialist since 2003 in the furniture sector and accessories for home.

The concept of optimal decoration based on extensive knowledge of interior design, where applying optimal proportion with exceptional results that captivate the senses of the persons and introduces them into a universe of well-being with itself and its surroundings. That is the privilege of belonging as a client to DecoAsencio.

In our company we offer a personalized service that allows the customer to make the right choice of the product needed when it comes to furniture, accessoiries or rest equipments for home. For this purpose we work with international brands that stand out for the quality of their products and after-sales service.


DecoAsencio is a company who stands with its native bilingual personnel English and German for a  specialized attention, operating on both national and international level, where the customer demands our services of Interior Design.

In terms of interios design we offer an excellent tool like our powerful and professional design software, to present our designs and furniture in a 3D real scale of our represented firms. We can modify all the parameters of the products available in our collections and catalogues, change the position and measures of a sofa or table, redecorate living rooms or bedrooms, altering the layout of any room etc.

It can change shapes, sizes and colors to find the ideal combination with us. Decoasencio provides high quality solutions to distribute space and decoration, from the conceptual design to the equipment needed, transport and installation.

DecoAsencio offers another unique solution: making you feel as confortable as at home with our Rest Cabin Service, in extraordinary conditions of comfort, quality and complete discretion.

DecoAsencio offers concrete answers to complex and diverse requests, its know how, structure, resources and strong experience allows it to offer unique services in its sector. Our products and designs are excellent delivered and performed, reaching the full satisfaction of our customers.

For reasons of privacy we work with prior appointments, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. 

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