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Eventerprise is a selective online subscription network for the global events industry.

Simply put, we CONNECT those who are hosting, staging and arranging an event of any kind with those providing the very best in associated products, venues and services. Exactly like a dating service!

We have gathered the best of the BEST OF THE BEST of trusted, reliable event professionals, products, services and venues to engage with ever-present buyers! To do this we’ve used some smart technology to create a flexible, user-friendly, content-driven platform. This platform provides both buyers and sellers the information they need to achieve the best possible results: exceptional event experiences.

There’s more. We are taking it three steps further.

We really do want to set a new BENCHMARK for the industry: those who deserve the work get it.

Micropages of buyers and sellers on Eventerprise are SEOd, ensuring your business is even EASIER to find outside our not-so-little digital family.

Forming alliances with other top-of-their-game suppliers is made SIMPLE so you can leverage off one another

And we’ll make sure YOU are front-of-page when someone out there is searching for what you’re selling.


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